One of my first quads that has crashed time and time again but now flies on rails.

Mk I

Controller Gains

Running APM:Copter v3.2.  These values provide a very good start, though will most likely requrie slight tuning for each individual setup.



  • The  prop spinners were removed after they came off during flight and were replaced with Nyloc lock nuts.  The Nylocs are much better balanced compared to the supplied prop spinners and result in less overall system vibration.
  • The frame has been strengthed considerably from stock.  The weak point between the arms and the motor mounts has lengths of balsa glued on to strengthen the joint.  Mount the frame upside down (PCB upwards)  to keep the ‘live’ parts away from the ground.
  • The case was taken off the antenna for the telemetry to reduce the overall system weight, however the connecter has been kept.  We experimented with directly soldering which ended badly…