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PX4 Research Log [12] – PX4 Off-board Control with MAVROS (1)

Companion computer is a very efficient way to control your PX4 vehicle in off-board mode. We have tested various methods and we have concluded Robot Operating System (ROS) is the best way. Here is a series of tutorials guiding you to achieve off-board control. What you need: A Pixhawk or a Pixracer A Raspberry Pi

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PX4 Research Log [10] – Adding a new flight mode (Preparation)

If you have programmed Ardupilot and now you switch to PX4, you would really appreciate how easy it is to implement a new flight mode in Ardupilot... PX4 is really good if you just want to write an App to do something, but implementing a new flight mode actually requires a lot of digging around

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