PX4 Research Log [9] – Analyzing flight on Ubuntu

There are two ways to analyze your PX4 flight as I know, the ".px4log" file generated by PX4, and the ".mavlink" file generated by QGroundControl. 1. ".px4log" with FlightPlot The ".px4log" format is the log file format stored onto the SD card by PX4. The application that performs this logging is "sdlog2". The log files

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PX4 Research Log [8] – Hardware In the Loop (HITL) Simulation using jMAVsim on Ubuntu 14.04

In most cases, Software In the Loop (SITL) is sufficient for testing your flight controller code. But in other cases, you may want to use Hardware In the Loop (HITL) simulation to validate that your code can actually run on a controller board. The HITL differs from SITL in a few ways: All sensor raw

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PX4 Research Log [7] – A closer look at mc_att_control

"mc_att_control" is responsible for PX4 multicopter attitude control, this application can be found in "Firmware/src/modules/mc_att_control". Here is what I understand about this application. Start Similar to "mc_pos_control", this application is started by script "rc.mc_apps" on line 32: rc.mc_apps Call Hierarchy The source code for the application exists in "mc_att_control_main.cpp", it follows a very

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PX4 Research Log [6] – A closer look at mc_pos_control

The application responsible for multicopter position control exists in "Firmware/src/modules/mc_pos_control". I will describe what I understand about this application as much as I can in this blog. Start The application is started by the script "rc.mc_apps" in "Firmware/ROMFS/px4fmu_common/init.d". The script itself is called by the main starting script "rcS" at line 761. Since "rc.mc_apps" is

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PX4 Research Log [5] – Multicopter software in the loop simulation on Ubuntu

Testing development code on a flying platform is always risky, one small bug in the code could cause your beloved airframe go straight into the bin. To avoid that, always check your code stability in simulation. And the PX4 Software In the Loop (SIL) simulation is the perfect solution. SIL uses your computer hardware to

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PX4 Research Log [4] – A first look at PX4 architecture, example code, uORB and NSH script

If you have done Ardupilot or Arduino source code development, the first thing you do when you clone source code from Github is probably looking for the main function. This is exactly what I did. I spent about 2 weeks looking for a main function, hoping to stumble across something that initializes everything, execute commands

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