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PX4 Research Log [10] – Adding a new flight mode (Preparation)

If you have programmed Ardupilot and now you switch to PX4, you would really appreciate how easy it is to implement a new flight mode in Ardupilot... PX4 is really good if you just want to write an App to do something, but implementing a new flight mode actually requires a lot of digging around

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Small AirCrane

A smaller hex-rotor with about 2kg lifting capability. Built to gain experience with a smaller vehicle before working on the big crane, which is just too scary if you don't know what you're doing... Details: Motors: NTM 28-26s (1000KV) ESC: Multistar 18Amp with BLheli Props: 9x5 or 10x4.5 (careful with those, as they overload the

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Flight Test @ HMAS

A flight test excursion to HMAS on a beautiful, calm Monday. Objectives: Test new, custom designed and built Floater Jet wings test the new aircrane multirotor launch the original BWB from the crane Fly a new Skywalker Test the new Apprentice trainer Outcomes mostly successful, except for a crash of the Floater due to a

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250-Sized Quads

One of my first quads that has crashed time and time again but now flies on rails. Mk I 4 x Turnigy 5x3 Prop (2 x normal, 2 x reversed) 4 x Turnigy Plush 6A Bulletproof ESC 4 x Turnigy 1811-2900 kV Brushless Motor 1000 mAh 2S Turnigy LiPo FrSky D4R-II 4ch 2.4Ghz ACCST Receiver

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PX4 Research Log [9] – Analyzing flight on Ubuntu

There are two ways to analyze your PX4 flight as I know, the ".px4log" file generated by PX4, and the ".mavlink" file generated by QGroundControl. 1. ".px4log" with FlightPlot The ".px4log" format is the log file format stored onto the SD card by PX4. The application that performs this logging is "sdlog2". The log files

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PX4 Research Log [8] – Hardware In the Loop (HITL) Simulation using jMAVsim on Ubuntu 14.04

In most cases, Software In the Loop (SITL) is sufficient for testing your flight controller code. But in other cases, you may want to use Hardware In the Loop (HITL) simulation to validate that your code can actually run on a controller board. The HITL differs from SITL in a few ways: All sensor raw

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