So it is Sunday, the weather is bad and I am bored. What to do? Let’s inspect Matt’s checklist: Low wind, we are good for a fly. Ground is soaked and soft though but that will only ease the crashes…

Here we go, I am going for my first solo flight with the little Swift glider as Matt’s got something better to do and can’t do trainer pilot today.

Between rain showers I’m off to uni, pack the plane and some batteries and head out to the park. Nobody around in this weather. Good.

And I’m going ok. Hand launch, some circuits, glide test and landing. 🙂 Over and over again through 3 batteries.

The experienced RC pilot knows what will happen next: Someone is going to get reckless… So I try some low altitude circuits to practise altitude control and suddenly the plane is in the tree again. Same tree! Great. Can you find it?


Well, I get it back down and try again. But despite pre-flight check something is wrong and KABOOM! It’s in the lawn again. Not as nice as before, but a lot more dirty.



And Matt’s shiny new firewall is kaput. Ok, back to the lab across the road and check the checklist. I believe I am at step 5, having skipped step 4. Get the hotglue going! And after 40 minutes it is all good. Back to step 1.


Poor little plane. Tomorrow we’ll try it again. Too dark now.